Elderly Rap Choir [VIDEO]
The older you get.......the more beats you can drop.  I have to give this choir props for not singing the same old Christmas songs; Eminem is way better.  Trust us, the video just keeps getting better the longer you watch it!
2-Year-Old Rapper Shows Impressive Delivery + Swagger
OMGX2. You thought Justin Bieber had swagger and Lil Wayne had flow? Pft. Then you ain’t witnessed the untouchable awesomeness of 2-year-old Alim Kamara. The little boy is unbelievable. He raps with his dad, Femi Iloyi, but it’s not exactly formed words and sentences words that are coming out of his…
Cyber Monday Music Steals
If you were too sleepy — or sane! — to deal with the mall this weekend, fret not! There are plenty of online deals for all the music fans on your list. Viva Cyber Monday!
Crying Baby Loves The Sounds Of ‘Biggie’ [VIDEO]
With a crying baby in the house, parents will often resort to extreme measures to calm their little one. I have heard of turning on the washer machine, takeout the vacuum cleaner, and/or turn up the television or radio. See what one parent has resorted to in an effort to calm down their baby. Yes, i…

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