CDs May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past
If 15 years ago I told you that compact discs, CDs, would one day be a a thing of the past, what would you have told me? Well, that day has come. I am here today to tell you that CDs will soon be a thing of the past. How soon, how about as soon as next year?
Are Cassette Tapes Really Making A Come-Back??? [VIDEO]
In what we consider to be a bit of surprise, it appears that the sales in cassette tapes is on the rise. Yes, more and more people are reportedly buying cassette tapes these days. Why you ask, well maybe it has to do with the price of tapes. Cassette tapes are rather cheap compared to the price of C…
Mary J. Blige Returns in November with New Album, ‘My Life II’
Starting with 1999′s double-platinum ‘Mary’ collection, Mary J. Blige has released a new album every two years, and she’ll keep that streak alive this fall with the upcoming ‘My Life II: The Journey Continues…Act I.’
For her 10th full-length studio effort, Blige has created a sequel to her Grammy-nom…
Lady Gaga Releases ‘The Edge of Glory’ [VIDEO]
After her divisive second single, 'Judas,' Lady Gaga has returned with the third track off her upcoming CD 'Born This Way.'
Titled 'The Edge of Glory,' the song is another uptempo anthem from the illusive pop star, and features everything from a heart-thumping intro to, um, a sax solo (which we're pr…
Random Goat Wanders Into Music Store
We'll never know if the random goat that wondered into an Idaho music store was looking for heavy rock or classical music. What we do know, however, is that this goat obviously has a passion for harmonious tunes.
According to KIFI-TV, the goat followed a woman into the store Monday and was then usher…
Lady Gaga Reveals Album Cover
Hot on the heels of her new single, 'Judas,' Lady Gaga on Friday released the cover art for her upcoming album 'Born This Way'
As one might guess, the cover is everything from awesome to downright bizarre, as it depicts the pop superstar as part-human, part-motorcycle (yep).
According to her Twitter, …

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