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Shocker! Nancy Grace Fakes Split Screen Interview
Presumably, Nancy Grace has some fans. The prosecutor turned talking head pundit has been hosting high profile shows for almost 20 years, after all.
But, for the most part, she's somebody everybody loves to hate. And Grace certainly gave the public another reason to ridicule her during a segment…
Nancy Grace Farting On Dancing With The Stars [VIDEO]
This girl can NOT get a break. It's enough that Nancy Grace entered the DWTS lineup as the chick who totally looked silly when that whole Casey Anthony trial was said and done. Then, her boob kinda popped out on national TV. (no matter how much she tries to claim that what we saw was a 'pastie') And…
Nancy Grace Has Nip Slip On Dancing With The Stars [NSFW VIDEO]
Nancy Grace was a bit top heavy on during her performance on Monday night's Dancing With The Stars. Maybe you were watching Monday Night Football on ESPN and didn't see her performance but Nancy Grace had a major wardrobe malfunction when she couldn't stop her cups from running over.
Has the New ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cast Been Leaked?
While ABC’s official announcement about the new cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ won’t come until Monday night’s broadcast of ‘Bachelor Pad 2,’ the @DWTSGossip account on Twitter has already leaked what it says is the full list of amateur hoofers.
ABC said earlier this year it wanted to attract more …