Zebra Attacks Woman [VIDEO]
You have to be careful when you go into the wild, especially when your dealing with stripes!  I don't know if  the woman was teasing the poor animal or if she just wasn't paying attention, but it's still awesome.  To me, it always seemed like zebras were really cool and…
Lady Gaga Pees In Trash Can
I think we have all seen the outrageous costumes that Lady Gaga has worn out in public and I can understand she wants to make a statement, but EVERYTHING has a PRICE!!  Just the other day the well known pop star icon revealed to the British TV host Alan Carr, that sometimes while performing her…
English Cliff Crumbles Into Ocean [VIDEO]
The coastal region of southwest England has been battered by storms lately and this stunning video captures its more drastic effects when the entire face of a cliff in Cornwall crumbles into the sea.
Check it out below: