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Charlie Sheen Releases ‘Winning’ Single
With his television career in the toilet, Charlie Sheen has apparently turned to music to keep his celebrity status afloat.
The former 'Two and a Half Men' star, who just wrapped his ill-fated 'Violent Torpedo of Truth' tour, released a single today that features his trademarked c…
New Music: Usher – ‘More’ (VIDEO)
We've been playing this for a while now in our Block Party Mixshows and everytime we do, the phone lines light up with people saying
hey ... what's that Usher song ya'll just played ?
Well the name of it is 'More' and Usher lights up the dancefloor in the official video. Check…
Listen: Kim Kardashian – ‘Jam’ (Turn It Up)
On a scale of bad to horrible I'm gonna have to call this HORRIBLE. (sorry Kim) We can't keep accepting things like this from people just because they are popular. LOL. I kinda hate the Dream now for being a part of this and not having the guts to say "hey, Kim ... maybe this isn&…
New Music: New Boyz ft. Dev & The Cataracs – Backseat
I had the chance to talk to our favorite fresh tag team duo this afternoon. Ben J & Legacy together form the New Boyz and their sophomore album 'Too Cool To Care' is on the way soon. The first single off the album is a SUPER HOT record called "Backseat" and featur…
Chris Logan’s Interview With Flo Rida
Chris Logan had the opportunity to speak to Flo Rida inside the Hot Morning Playhouse. Flo talked about his new Album and gives out his personal cell phone number, listen to the entire interview then call Flo Rida!