The Iphone Apps That Will Make You Look Old, Fat, & Bald
While I am not too sure as to why you want to see yourself this way, but if you'd like to see what you may look like one day (old, fat, and bald) there is iphone app available for you. The trio of iPhone apps simulates, with frightening realism, the sad, fat, bald old man or woman that we are …
Things That Make You Feel OLD!
Getting ready for the Hot Morning Playhouse today, I came across this from chive.com....'Things that Make You Feel Old.'  So here we go, I will make you feel OLD!
Two-Year-Old Boy Rocks To Waka Flocka Flame In His Sleep
I never thought that Waka Flocka's biggest fan was barely 2 years old. In this video a kid proves his die-hard Flocka Super Fan status by jamming to Waka -- even in his sleep.
It looks like 2 twin boys are napping in their car seats, until you see one of the boys (on the left) bobbing his head while …