Does First Lady Michelle Obama Really Hate Oprah?
Here is a confrontation we didn't see coming, but word is that Michelle Obama is NOT a fan of talk show Queen Oprah Winfrey. While Oprah may have played a big role in the election of President Barack Obama, sources are citing that the President's wife is not too fond of Oprah. In a new book by Edwar…
Which Celebrity Made The Most In 2010
In the year of 2010, while some in the country were scratching to make ends meet, some celebrities had no trouble paying the bills. What did your favorite celebrity make in 2010?
Oprah Emotionally Addresses Lesbian Rumors
Oprah is a person that you never see sweating, or crying for that matter. In a clip from Thursday's hour-long ABC special shown this morning on "Good Morning America." Even though she promises Barbara Walters she wouldn't, Oprah cries as she discusses her friendship with …