Here Are Some Signs That You Might Go To A Party School
It might be a good thing that UL doesn't make the top of the list for best party schools in America. For some reason Tulane in New Orleans beats LSU every year. I'm from NOLA and we used to drive to LSU to party. Maybe its because Baton Rouge closes at 2a and NOLA never closes. Here's a quick video …
The Smartest Party Colleges In The Country
When it comes to party colleges with booksmarts, you really get the true definition of 'Work Hard Play Hard.' Crazy part is, out of all the colleges in the country, UL made this list along with LSU (not a big surprise there). So the question is: Where is UL ranked?
What Are the Top Party Schools in America?
With amateur boozehounds, junkies and derelicts of all shapes and sizes now flocking to makeshift dormitory brothels on the campuses of some of the finest facilities of higher education across the United States, we thought the time was right to unleash the list of the 2012 top party schools in Ameri…

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