Rihanna Shares Party Pics on a Yacht in St. Tropez
Few pop stars party as hard as Rihanna. But like her fellow pop divas, RiRi is prone to sharing lots and lots of images of her exploits and offstage antics with her fans. The ‘Where Have You Been’ singer has been on vacation in St. Tropez and she shared plenty of photos of the …
Nick And Mariah Nude
Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon posed nude for the latest cover of OK! Magazine, in which the Grammy-winning singer shows off her very pregnant belly.
Still, the photo spread is careful not to reveal too much; in two separate cases, Cannon's hands and Carey's hair are strategically placed so tha…
Gaga Hits The Runway
Lady Gaga has done it all ..... or has she ? Until last night she hadn't made the runway go Gaga yet, but now that she has, we might be seeing more of Gaga's modeling side.

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