90-Year-Old Men Compete In 60-Meter Dash [VIDEO]
Don't ask me why, but watching two 90-year-old men compete in a race just made my day. Watch as the two old men, who were competing at the 2013 European Veterans Athletics Championships in San Sebastian, Spain take off and steal the show.
Lance Armstrong Stripped Of 7 Tour De France Titles
The new week is not starting on the right foot for Lance Armstrong as UCI President Pat McQuaid announced that the federation accepted the USADA's report on Armstrong and has decided to strip Armstrong of all seven Tour de France titles. This comes after allegations of drug abuse of which Armst…
Big Wheel Racing Should Be a Professional Sport
Professional cycling really don’t impress us much. These guys have been chemically and physically engineered from birth to become pedal monsters and ride biked made by NASA engineers that could withstand the wind resistance produced by a nuclear holocaust.

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