Reporter Gets Robbed While Doing His Job[VIDEO]
It seems like Reporters have the most dangerous jobs in the world lately! It should be a requirement for Reporters to take a self defense class in collage, Check out what happened to this investigative journalist by the name of Diego Santiago a reporter in Las Vegas, Nevada for Univision ,
Will Smith Talks About ‘Awkward’ Kiss by Reporter
Word to the wise, don’t get too aggressive with Will Smith. Just asked the Ukrainian reporter in Moscow who tried to smooch the Hollywood heavyweight during his interview with him. Will’s infamous smack was captured on video and instantly went viral on the Internet.
News Anchor Fail Compilation [VIDEO]
We see news anchors everyday no matter what our age is....maybe your getting ready for work, taking a lunch break, or coming home from school, but I can bet that you have seen the news at some part in your life.  Even though the news is VERY important, I always find television at its best when …
Crazy Spitting Woman Interupts A Television Reporter [VIDEO]
Ask anyone who works in television or has worked in television if they have ever had a strange encounter while out in the filed, and most would tell you that they have indeed had a strange run-in with someone or something. Now we can add this television reporter and camera person to this list as wel…
Reporter By Day, Stripper By Night
Its pretty common now days for people to have more than one job especially in certain industries.  Sarah Tressler was a reporter for the Houston Chronicle, but since she needed some extra cash...she decided to go with another job that has more of a 'hands on' approach.

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