This Guy Mounted A Train Horn On His Scooter!!! [VIDEO]
I have always wanted to have a train horn installed on my vehicle so that when people run through red lights I can scare them, but this guy has taken the train horn trick to an entirely different level. One guy has installed a train horn on his scooter...
Woman Attempts To Ride A Rascal Scooter Up An Escalator [VIDEO]
A woman in a rascal scooter attempted to ride her mobile device up an escalator at Boston's public transportation building, but as you will see, this ride was not so smooth. Security cameras at MBTA caught this woman's unpleasant ride up the escalator, and lets say is one ride …
Bieber Hits Paparazzi With Scooter [VIDEO]
I'm not too keen on paparazzi when they get too invasive on a celebrity and then get mad when the celebrity is trying to get away. Justin Bieber drove a little to close to a paparazzo in Israel on his scooter, then is chased down by the photographer.