Guy Does An Amazing Tribute to Beyonce In A Snuggie [VIDEO]
Even though 10,000 jokes can be made about a snuggie, you might want to hold off until you see wonder boy's video.  Although there is nothing really cool about a guy wearing a blue snuggie and dancing to Beyonce's 'Countdown,' when you put the music diva's video next to…
Man, I feel like such a plug since I'm CONSTANTLY secretly filming Chris Reed behind his back .. only to provide you all with his behind the scenes antics ... when I rolled into the studio and saw what he was wearing i HAD NO CHOICE but to hit record.
Please Don’t Buy Me This!!!!
I know that when it comes to buying Christmas gifts, it can at times be difficult. With that said, we have all at one point and time just bought someone something because we HAD to get them something. Now comes the snuggie pajamas for the Holiday season.