Watch This Guy Get Caught Stealing Roses On Live TV [VIDEO]
Man, talk about having a bad day! First off this guy had to steal roses for his ex girl, second he got busted on LIVE TV. You can't even get out of that.  What could he say, "Baby it wasn't me" - as he shoves a dozen roses in her hand. LOL! Watch this guy put the &am…
Robber Fills Out Job Application
Make sure the next time you steal from a store that you take a job application with you, because it could change your life forever.  Sometimes I think it should be mandatory for a mother of 4 to work as a cashier..........they just seem to say the right thing for any occasion.
Woman Wakes To Find Stranger At Her Stove [PHOTO]
If you think you need an alarm, forget about it and just cook breakfast!  I don't think that was the FIRST thought that ran through this woman's head when she woke up smelling smoke.  According to a Florida woman woke up to a complete stranger trying to cook in her kitche…