Bizarre Gets a Nicki Minaj Tattoo on His Arm
First it was a deranged fan, then it was Drake and now it’s Bizarre’s turn to show his appreciation of his favorite music artist. In a video posted on YouTube, the D12 rapper got a tattoo of Nicki Minaj to show how much he loves the Harajuku Barbie. Luckily, for us, h…
Drake Has a Tattoo of Aaliyah on His Back
With all of this talk of outrageous tattoos involving Drake and a fan, you would think he would stay away from the ink and needle. Not quite. Apparently, the ‘Headlines’ rapper got a tattoo of the late R&B songbird Aaliyah on his back.
Tattoo Artist Reacts to Drake’s Threats
Surely you remember the foresight-lacking fan who got Drake‘s name emblazoned across her forehead. When Drake heard the news, he was flattered by the fan — and ticked off by the tattooer. The artist, Kevin Campbell, is reacting to Drizzy’s not-so-nice words via — wh…
Drake Wants to Meet Tattooed Fan, Threatens Artist
Even though it happened a couple of weeks ago, we are still in shock that a Drake fan actually got a tattoo of “DRAKE” (in all caps) etched into her forehead. Drizzy has seen the photo that went viral on the internet and has addressed the situation in a recent interview.
Misspelled Tattoo Means a Lifetime of Regret [PHOTO]
There’s nothing wrong with an inspirational tattoo, but a spelling error can mean a lifetime of regret and ridicule. A Huffington Post reader recently submitted a photo of himself which shows brand-new ink that should have read “Believe and Achieve.” Howev…

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