Teens Create A New Violent Game Called ‘Knockout’ [VIDEO]
This is a new "GAME" that some teens in Jersey City started because they're bored, and they think it's cool. It's called 'KNOCKOUT.' Well, it's not cool!  It's a terrifying trend that has teens assaulting strangers and taking their possessions. Assaulting people is nothing new, it's the si…
Strip Club Looking To Hire High School Students
I know everyone is looking for a job in today's economy, but this might be pushing the envelope a bit.  Emperors Gentlemen’s Club in Riviera Beach, Florida said they posted the advertisement as a joke, but I'm not really seeing the punch line.
Teen Calls Police After Hearing Mom Having Sex
You never know when you will have to call 911!!!  I think I came up with a great saying a long time ago, 'There is a time and place for everything!'  I understand this teen's mom needed some 'special attention', but don't light the fire that quick.
Parents Allowing Teens To Have Sex In Their Home
In what may be a disturbing trend, it appears that a small amount of parents are much more comfortable and allowing of their kids to have sex in their OWN home. The story was on Good Morning America a few days ago, and some parents have admitted that they prefer their kids to have sex in their home …