New Movie Releases: ‘Bridesmaids,’ ‘Priest’ [VIDEOS]
This is the time of the year when the studios pull out their big guns for what's sure to be another epic summer movie season.
And it looks like there could be a few moneymakers this weekend, with the hilarious 'Bridesmaids' (from the producers of 'Knocked Up' and 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin') and the big…
‘Thor’ Crushes Weekend Box Office
As expected, 'Thor' enjoyed a solid performance at the weekend box office.
The superhero flick, which impressed most critics with its action-packed storyline and breakout performance by star Chris Hemsworth, took in an impressive $66 million, leaving the rest of the competition in the dust.…
Justin Timberlake May Star In ‘Three Stooges’ Movie
I'm starting to think of Justin Timberlake as more of an actor than a singer/performer these days. I wouldn't mind hearing new music from Justin, and you never know, maybe we will but looks like the big screen is where he wants to be. If he lands this new role, it could be interesting.