Man Wears 60 Shirts, 9 Pairs Of Pants To Avoid Baggage Fees
A lot of us will be flying out for the holidays, and flying is expensive as it is. When they start adding on baggage fees.. Man, that just burns you up (and your wallet)! ..  But, how do you avoid the fees? Well, you could always take this guy's advice.
Nicki Minaj Gets Peeved at TSA Agents
Nicki Minaj was having a difficult time traveling in the U.K. this past weekend. Apparently the Young Money rapstress was excessively groped by airport security at a check point. Whew! Being a Harajuku Barbie is no fun.
“Land of the Free?”
Grab this T-Shirt at Threadless.com if you want to make a statement next time you fly. With all the buzz about the "invasive" nature of the TSA procedures this shirt couldn't have been printed at a better time. Looks like even Lady Liberty can't escape the backscatter mac…