25% Of People Are Bored With Social Media
While we may all think that the world is addicted to social media sites like twitter and facebook, that may not be so!! In a new study, one in four young people are bored with social media sites.
50 Cent Throws Twitter Tantrum, Threatens to Stop Making Albums
If you’ve been impatiently waiting for 50 Cent’s new album to drop, he feels your pain. In fact, as he demonstrated during a recent Twitter rant, he’s ready to give up on his longtime label, Interscope — and maybe quit making records altogether.
50′s outburst was triggered by Interscope’s decision to…
You Should Be Banned From The Internet If..
I was reading an article in entitled 'You Should Be Banned From The Internet If.." In the original story TheFrisky listed 15 reasons, but I decided to go through all of them and pick the "Logan 10." For those of you who are unaware of the "Logan…
Has The ‘FOMO’ Syndrome Become Part Of Your Morning Habit???
Across the country, you see this everyday. People are constantly checking their smartphones for e-mail, twitter, and facebook updates. With that said, has the Fear Of Missing Out, FOMO, gotten the best of you? Do you have to constantly keep-up with the social media sites, and do you feel the urge to…
Pope Benedict XVI Tweets For The Very First Time
In what may be a historical moment in modern day Catholicism, Pope Benedict XVI has posted his very first tweet. Yes, the "Holy Father" has gone to the social media site Twitter to deliver his first ever message on any social media site.

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