Fake Tan Makes The List Of Best Inventions In 25-Years
What happens when you ask teenagers what was the best inventions within the last 25 years, well you get answer you should expect from them. Yes, teens have stated that they believe the "fake tan" is one of the best inventions within the last 25 years!!! In addition to that, there w…
Kim Kardashian Reaches the 10 Million Twitter Milestone
Kim Kardashian can now say she has something in common with Katy Perry, President Obama, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.
On Monday, the reality star and denizen of the ranks of the famous-for-being-famous became just the fifth Twitter user ever to rack up 10 million followers.
Beyonce’s Pregnancy Shatters Twitter Record
You know you’re a star when your pregnancy breaks records. Reports state that after Beyoncé debuted her baby bump at the 2011 VMAs on Sunday night, 8,868 tweets were sent. Per second. That’s a record for most tweets posted per second.
Have You Experienced ‘Cyber Shame’
According to Daily Mail, more than a third of young people admit to feeling 'cyber shame' after posting embarrassing photos or posts online while drunk. According to a survey, almost half of 18 to 24-year-olds have also 'untagged' drunk photos of themselves from Facebook and Twit…
Top Tweets About The DC Earthquake
It's amazing, natural disasters bring out the comedian in many people. Twitter blew up regarding #dcquake and there was plenty to laugh about...for an earthquake. On a serious note, if there were any injuries or other serious situations as a result of the quake, you're in our thoughts. If …

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