Usher Teases New Song ‘Good Kisser’ [VIDEO]
Usher wants to let the world knows he can pucker up with his new song 'Good Kisser.' Before the full effort arrives, the singer is giving fans a preview of the track in a new video, which shows him gliding and spinning in front of huge glowing purple lips.
Are Chris Brown + Usher Collaborating Again? [PHOTO]
Chris Brown left rehab, filmed a video, dropped hints about a collabo with Ariana Grande and was reportedly returning to a facility to continue his treatment since he is doing so well. The ever-busy and seemingly reformed R&B star has a dance card that remains full as he may be collaborating…
Usher + Shakira Returning to Season 6 of ‘The Voice’
Season 5 of 'The Voice' wrapped last night (Dec. 17), with original coaches Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera returning to their big red chairs after sitting out Season 4 with Usher and Shakira in their stead. Well, it's once again Cee Lo and Xtina out and Usher Raymond and Shakira …

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