Dog Salsa Dances For Food [VIDEO]
For as long as I can remember dogs have been a man's best friend because they are loyal, fun loving companions.  They will stand by your side no matter long as you have a leash on them!  Most people now days love to show of what their pets are able to do even if its the typical 'jump thr…
News Anchor Fail Compilation [VIDEO]
We see news anchors everyday no matter what our age is....maybe your getting ready for work, taking a lunch break, or coming home from school, but I can bet that you have seen the news at some part in your life.  Even though the news is VERY important, I always find television at its best when …
New Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ Preview Clip Lands
Another clip for Justin Bieber‘s much anticipated ‘Boyfriend’ video (which drops tomorrow (May 3) at 7:50PM on MTV) has landed. And guess what? It looks totally different from the teasers that came before it. A bit incongruous? Yes. But totally intriguing? You betcha!
CREEPIEST Song For Kids Ever [VIDEO]
I'm a believer in the educational system, but there are some things that should NEVER reach the ears of a child.  Peter Alsop, is the singer/author of the song.....if you want to call him that, but a song about death for kids, really?

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