LMFAO Deny Breakup Rumors in New Video
LMFAO are putting rumors of a feud to rest via YouTube and a sense of humor. The ‘Sexy and I Know It’ rappers released a video poking fun at the reports of a breakup to reassure fans that the Party Rock train and tour are still in full effect.
Nerd Has Killer Dance Moves For Kimberly Cole [VIDEO]
This brings another meaning to 'I can cut a rug.'  I have always been a believer in practicing, and you can never get better at something if you don't put yourself out there to learn.  The only exception is that this guy wasn't learning.....such a show off!!
Titanic SUPER 3D Parody [VIDEO]
Honestly, this is the FIRST VIDEO parody made about a movie that I have ever seen.  Lately, a lot of movies that were made in the past are coming back into theaters as 3D features.  With that being said, SOME shows should never be made in 3D, which is why I'm glad this came out!
Calvin Harris – Feel So Close [VIDEO]
As the weeks go on, Calvin Harris' song seems to get bigger and bigger.  I've seen the club blow up when I play this record, but at the same time 'Feel So Close' can easily be a relaxation song at the end of a night.

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