Jewelry Desinger Wants Women To Have Hairy Chests [PHOTOS]
I knew it was about time for another fashion trend! It's only natural for society to get behind the 'hottest' styles of the summer and if your looking to make a might as well go get yourself a 'hairy necklace.'  I mean really, what is the worst that can…
Parents Hate Dancing Bird’s ‘Devil’ Music [VIDEO]
I've never really considered Willow Smith's song Whip My Hair to be 'devil music,' but if mom and dad says it is....then I guess it goes!  No matter what's going on in this family, I really want their pet bird Larry.....and yes I want take him to a concert one day to sh…
CREEPIEST Song For Kids Ever [VIDEO]
I'm a believer in the educational system, but there are some things that should NEVER reach the ears of a child.  Peter Alsop, is the singer/author of the song.....if you want to call him that, but a song about death for kids, really?
Kesha Tweets Photo Of Herself Peeing In The Street [Photo]
As a guy, I know that we, guys, can go to the bathroom anywhere (its not right we know), but I think Kesha might be taking going to the bathroom to a whole different level.  As you can see, couldn't she have retreated to the woods or somewhere with a little more cover?
Birds With Human Arms [PHOTOS]
I understand art is beautiful and it is a form of expression, but there are some things that you have to scratch your head at.  The abstract paintings are pretty, we know Picasso had a few 'questionable' pieces, and the Mona Lisa will forever be world famous, but birds with human arms…

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