Shark Swims Down Street In Puerto Rico – Caption This!
**UPDATE** Picture of shark has been confirmed to be an actual shark, but not in the street. Photoshop is a wonderful tool. That being said, nice work! ***In South Louisiana, we've had our share of flooding, but I'm not sure anyone has seen anything like this! With Hurricane Irene bearing down on th…
Bridesmaid Uses iPad To Attend Wedding [VIDEO]
Well now, this has got to be kind of awkward for the groomsman. From walking down the aisle holding the bridesmaid in one hand to the post-wedding reception, gotta be the odd man out. I'm wondering, did he dance with the iPad? Did he bring her to the food table to check out what was available? …
Why You Should Never Sleep At A Comedy Show [VIDEO]
Seriously, not sure if the comedian should be concerned, people are falling asleep during his show. Comedian Mike E. Winfield took a few shots at the patron who decided a nap was in order. As Mike says, 'Why would you pick mid center to take a nap...
Reality Show Stars That Shouldn’t Sing [VIDEO]
In the world of celeb-reality, sometimes the fact that people can get on camera makes them think they are more talented than they really are. Just because you've got a microphone pack attached to you doesn't mean you should sing. In fact, some shouldn't even be on camera.

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