Today, Monday June 10th, "Pump My Ride" happened at a local gas station in the city of Rayne, and Tarunye Kanonu was the first listener to stop by and say, "I Want 107-9 To Pump My Ride." She was given the option to have her gas tank filled or attempt to pump the "Perfect Pump" in hopes of winning a $1000 gas card.

After a few minutes of consideration, Tarunye elected to attempt the "Perfect Pump," which consisted on stopping the pump with one release at exactly at $10.79!!! As we got closer to the $10 mark, you could feel the excitement rising and then suddenly it happened.

Tarunye timed her release perfectly and the rest is history. As soon as the pump stopped on $10.79, she and her family were overwhelmed with joy. She had just won a $1000 gas card from HOT 107-9 & Service Chevrolet-Cadillac. Congrats to Tarunye, and even though the gas card has been claimed, we're still going to continue to pump rides!

Just listen to me, Chris Reed, at 7:15 every weekday morning to hear where we will be stopping next to "Pump Your Ride."

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