FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports A Kindergarten teacher caught on camera grabbing student by the face has the parents in an uproar! A teacher out of Riverdale  Schools in Hancock County, Ohio was suspended for only 10 days after this video was seen by the school's administrators.   FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports

You can see 6-year-old Ian get attacked by the teacher after coming out of the bathroom. She picks him up by his shirt, presses him against the wall like a school yard bully, then she grabbed him by his face. According to Fox 8  mom, Autumn Nelson said:

"I watched it out in the kitchen, and I just started crying. I burst out in tears, I called my mom and then my husband"

The parents say the 10 day suspension is like an early vacation for the teacher, since there are only 10 days left in the school year. They say they want her terminated! Here is what the superintendent of the school had to say. FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports

The parents have taken the video to the Hancock County Sheriff's office, and for now, the suspension stands. They are just waiting to see what happens at the Sheriff's office.

Ian's father says something must be done, and that she should no longer teach anymore!