The internet is ablaze with curiosity after news of a staged 'sex-tape-gone-bad' featuring Farrah Abraham from MTV's 'Teen Mom' broke earlier this week. Even though Farrah and her mom are denying any existence of pornographic material featuring the reality starlet, porn star James Deen has already admitted his role as co-star in the flick, as well as openly communicating with the media about the sex scene between the two that, according to him, most definitely took place.

Deen even went as far as saying that Farrah was "great" and that he would definitely "do it again" if she was up to task. Well, it looks like we here at Hot 107.9 have gotten our hands on what may or may not be the first official look at Farrah's 'sex tape' through top-secret screen grabs.

Some of these are sorta-NSFW, so you've been warned!

Early in the first scene, you can tell Farrah had never done anything like this before...

 Then it's like she really got into character, and found her rhythm...

They even switched up backgrounds. This looks like a play on her 'Teen Mom Reunion' set... Look at how she's getting into it! What a natural!

By the looks of this set background, the rumors of the elegant ballroom scene are true! The intense passion in her face literally spills all over the screen in this shot...

In this super-hot car scene, a phone call from her nagging mother doesn't even phase her, as she never loses focus on the task at hand ... Meow!

You know, on second thought, maybe we just got these pics from the ugly face farrah from teen mom makes when she is about to cry Facebook page ... one or the other, we can't really remember, LOL. Either way, we hope you enjoyed!

Oh... and yes, that page really DOES exist.

If you really want to see some awkwardly hilarious stuff from Farrah while you wait for her sex tape, then check out her YouTube channel. It's full of greatness like the video below. If you're still mad you didn't see any skin from Farrah, then go see what she actually wore on the beach today here. You're welcome.