A high school student is upset her senior photo has been banned from the school yearbook. She took the picture while holding her son and the school pulled it from the yearbook.

Caitlin Tiller, a Senior at Wheatmore High School, took a photo with her 1-year-old son Leelin, whom she credits for her motivation and submitted this photo to their yearbook staff for publication, but the photo was denied by the school.

According to CNN, last summer, the high school asked seniors to have their yearbook picture taken with a prop of their choosing that best represents them. Something they like or an achievement. Some students submitted sports photos, others submitted photos with their pets, and then there is Caitlin who submitted her photo with her child.

The school isn't saying much in regards to their decision to pull the photo, but they did say the yearbook should be all about the student, not an extension of the student's family. Wait, aren't pets usually considered by most as an extension of their family?