A television producer says he has scored the first television interview with Casey Anthony, a $1-million deal arranged when he met her in a Palm Springs hotel.  Al Taylor, the producer, called the Dr. Drew Pinksy HLN Show to deliver the news that he may have scored the first interview with the infamous mom.The producer says that he was directed to an undisclosed hotel and he reports that he met with Anthony and her attorney. However, Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, issued this statement: "Neither I nor Casey Anthony have ever met with or have any intention of meeting with Al Taylor."

Taylor says that Casey Anthony wants to do the interview, but is more worried about being paid in-full, One Million Dollars, before she sits-down and does the interview. The producer then says that he brought up the idea of her, Casey Anthony, taking a lie detector test, but she totally refuses to do so. He says that he thinks that this proposal will not derail the possibility of interviewing her.

It should be noted here that Mr. Taylor is not the only producer looking to score an interview with Casey Anthony. It is being reported that some producers are willing to pay the mom that was set free nearly $5 Million for the first sit-down interview.

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