If you own a smartphone, by now at some point you have experienced some sort of "passcode." It's usually a 4-digit combination of numbers that allows you to gain access to the inner depths of all the "stuff" on your phone. Contacts, texts, pics, videos, notes, emails, voicemails, apps, music and anything else that will fit on that convenient little device.

But, is your passcode too predictable? Are you at risk of someone easily getting into your phone and retrieving your most personal tidbits? Daniel Amitay is an iOS developer with a popular Big Brother Camera Security App and recently he wanted to find out what the most popular 4-digit passcode combinations were.

In my last update to Big Brother Camera Security (Free), I added some code to record common user passcodes (completely anonymous, of course). Because Big Brother's passcode setup screen and lock screen are nearly identical to those of the actual iPhone passcode lock, I figured that the collected information would closely correlate with actual iPhone passcodes.

[via MacRumors]

Of course "1234" was the most popular passcode along with "0000" and "1111" but out of 200,000 passcodes captured by his app, 15% were represented by just ten different passcodes.

Did your passcode make the list? If so, you should consider switching things up!