America meet the 14-year-old kid with the GOLDEN voice, Jake Foushee. Jake has become an internet sensation after posting this audition on-line and in doing so, he may just landed his dream gig of being a voice-over actor. Listen to the "pipes" on this kid, and see if you think he has what it takes to be the guy in movie trailers and more.Sorry Ted Williams, golden voice homeless guy, you have just been replaced and forgotten thanks to this 14-year-old sensation.

At a time when most young men seem to be struggling with their voice, this 14-year-old has no problem what-so-ever controlling his voice. The North Carolina native does a dead-on impression of the late, great Don LaFontaine (the movie pitchman who gave us the classic line, "in a world…").

If this young man does not land his dream gig soon, I may propose that we here at Townsquare Media Lafayette hire this teenager NOW!! I'm not sure what the law states, but we could sure use this young man for a few voice-over spots. Imagine hearing this teenager on EVERY commercial we produce here???