The biggest problem that we make as men, is that more times than not, we REALLY think we've got it going on. Not so much. Now believe me, there is a huge percentage of guys out there who couldn't really care less what anyone thinks when it comes to how they look. As men, we should definitely give a sh*t about how we are perceived by the general public, which is why Complex came up with a set of guidelines that may just save men from being locked up by the swag police.

Now keep in mind, you don't have to follow each and everyone of these rules, but you also don't HAVE to buy the entire outfit that you see on the mannequin just because you like the pants. Guys come in all ages, shapes and sizes so not all of these tips will work for everyone but I'm pretty sure any dude will be better off after reading this. For instance,

  • Walking into a cloud of cologne isn't always the best practice.
  • When it comes to jeans, skinnier doesn't always mean better.
  • You don't HAVE to match everything you put on.
  • Go easy on the colors, you look like a rainbow snow cone.
  • Just because there is a button there, doesn't mean you have to button it.
  • That fedora doesn't go with EVERYTHING. (Neither does that fitted)
  • Loosen those laces and let your feet breathe for a bit.
  • Some articles of clothing should never see the inside of a dryer.
  • Not all dress shirts double up as casual shirts simply by untucking them.

Scope the entire list of tips courtesy of Complex .. and stay dressy my friends.