Jungle Juice has been a staple beverage at college parties for centuries. A favorite of upperclassmen and an ominous enemy of unsuspecting freshmen, its beauty lies within its simplicity. The mysterious college concoction serves as a beer alternative for those avoiding hops and barley. As sweet as Taylor Swift with a kick like Chuck Norris, the legendary liquid will pick you up, put you down, and leave you with a smile. Although there is really no right or wrong way to make Jungle Juice, after being personally responsible for cooking up dozens of batches over the years, I'd like to share a few of the tips and tricks I've learned to ensure that your juice, as well as your party will be a success. Personally, I believe Jungle Juice should be a creative expression of the mix master, so if you're looking for a specific recipe, try searching elsewhere. This is simply a few guidelines to help you create your own masterpiece. Now lets get started with the Art of Jungle Juice.

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    The Receptacle

    If you're going to make Jungle Juice, you're going to need a fairly large container. The size of your container will determine how much juice you will be able to make. Preferably, you're going to want something with a spout. The classic massive ice chest works great for big parties, but for smaller get togethers, a 10 gallon Igloo water cooler is ideal. Be creative, but make sure you have something before you get started.

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    Most people will tell you to just throw whatever you have into the mixture. This can go terribly, terribly wrong and leave you with gallons of disgusting Jungle Juice that no one will touch. Instead, try to stick to clear liquors. Everclear, rum, and vodka are your go-to guys. From there, you can begin to incorporate other fruity liqueurs. Try staying away from bourbons, whiskeys, and tequilas as their strong taste can overpower your juice.

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    Pay attention here, this is the most important advice in all of Jungle Juice creation. In order to save time, and more importantly money, you are going to want your main ingredient to be: water. Trying to fill up and ice chest with assorted alcohols and juices can get very expensive very fast. Stick to powders and concentrates from your favorite fruit juice drinks and add water to top off the mixture.

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    Fruit can really make your Jungle Juice, and depending on the season, it's usually easy to come by. Ask your friends and family if they have any fruit trees. Beg borrow and steal whatever you can. There really is no way to go wrong. Whatever you find, toss it in. Fruit is an absolute essential aspect of a successful Jungle Juice.

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    Once you add the fruit, the mixing process is over. You will now want your concoction to sit over night. This will allow the fruit to mingle in with the juice, creating a harmonious Jungle Juice that will be loved by all. This means you will have to start making your juice the night before the party, so don't wait till the last minute.

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    After letting your juice sit over night, it's party time. Take out the fruit and serve it on a plate as h'orderves for your guests. These alcohol spiked fruit bombs are always a party favorite. To serve your juice, simply add ice to a red solo cup, pour the juice over the ice and enjoy.