A new baby doll out teaches young girls the process of breast feeding. The manufacture, Berjuan Toys, says that the new doll teaches the younger generation the importance of breast feeding, and hopefully this will encouarage them to adopt the practice in their later years.Others on the other hand say, while the doll may encourage and educate all at once, the subject matter just may be too complex for kids at younger age. The doll in itself is complex, the lips on the doll seem to move as if it is nursing while the kid holds it in an apparent nursing position. The doll also seems to take gulps, and can even burp after an apparent feeding.

Is this type doll over-the-top? While I too see this as being a tool for education, it just seems to be "too real" for a young girl who is still in her adolescent years. Yes, it is true that breast feeding has its advantages and does indeed do good things for babies, but I think teaching a KID how to breast feed is just too much. I think such a doll should and could be used in junior high or high schools, but introducing a young girl to this practice while she is still into barbie dolls just doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Whats the old saying, "Let kids be kids."

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