Monday morning, Chris Jones aka "The Cotton Candy Man" joined Chris Reed on the morning show to thank the people of Acadiana for their generosity. Jones recently lost everything in a house fire and the fine folks of Acadiana have come to his aide with lots of donations. 

Chris Jones once sold cotton candy, amongst other treats, at various events at the Cajundome, Superdome, New Orleans Arena, and Cajun Field. His popularity grew throughout Acadiana becuase of his famous saying while at work, "Yum Yum, Come Get You Some!!" As we jokingly put in the interview, he is the second largest local celebrity in Acadiana, only to be topped by local meteorologist Rob Perillo.

We invited Jones to come into the studio to thank everyone for their generosity and support following a house fire that ruined everything he had in this possession, and he accepted the offer. Since the fire, many of you in Acadiana have offered up monetary donations, clothing, food, and furniture.

Click here to keep up with Chris via Facebook on a page set up to share his rebuilding progress with the generous donations from our Acadiana community.

For someone that may not live here, you'd think the contributions are off the scale, but for those of us who call Acadiana home, this is what is expected. People here take care of each other, and when one of our neighbors seems to be down and out, we step up to assist them. Helping our neighbors is just part of our DNA makeup.

Here is what "The Cotton Man," Chris Jones, had to say Monday morning on the show.

To make a monetary contribution, click HERE