The next "Gangnam Style" may have just arrived.  It's called "The Fox", and it's by a Norwegian duo called YLVIS

As bad as it may be, people seem to be drawn to this new "dance song" as it has aleardy gotten over 3-million views on YouTube. The lyrics are about how we know the sounds a lot of animals make . . . but, quote, "no one knows, what does the fox say?"

Aside from the ridiculous costumes worn in this video, the most entertaining part of the song comes when it gives suggestions for what a fox might sound like. Entertaining or Obnoxious?

Look, I know "Gangnaum Style" got a lot of spins by DJs on the radio and in the club, but I'll make a prediction now that "The Fox" get little to no spins by most DJs. We can all sit back and watch.