Lately there have been rumors that The Game has been cozying up with newly single Khloe Kardashian, but in denying those rumors he totally admitted to hooking up with her sister Kim Kardashian.

The Game was doing an interview with a UK radio station when he made the announcement, and I almost have to applaud how humble and casual he was with the nonchalant method in which he pretty much admitted to banging Kim.

So, being that The Game and Kim K hooked up around 2006 (way before she was famous), does this mean that he actually "hit it first?"

Not so much. Even though Kim's claim to fame sex tape didn't leak until 2007, it was actually recorded back in 2003.

Advantage, Ray J.

As far as rumors of The Game being connected with newly divorced Khloe, he simply says that they're "cool," and have been friends for over 12 years.

Let's just hope Kanye was already aware of this, and didn't find out through TMZ.