I recently stummbled across several photos of celebrities and athletes from their high school days. And to be specific, many of the photos are from their Junior/Senior Prom. Many you will recognize, while others you will be like "what?" Get the top 50 photos of celebrities during their prom years from Superbooyah.com

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    Rihanna Attends Senior Prom

    In this photo Rihanna looks a lot like she does now, However, I ask, what was she thinking when she told this guy she'd go to prom with him. I'm hoping she felt bad for him because he didn't have a date, and she just took a photo with him. PLEASE tell me this guy didn't pick her up for prom????

    Photo From: superbooyah.com
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    Snooki Before MTV Fame

    Snooki went to prom looking great. As seen in the photo, she was slim, tone, and tan. But one thing may have not changed about our favorite Jersey Shore cast member, and that is her taste in guys. Judging what her date wore to prom, she has always been after the guidos.

    Photo From: superbooyah.com
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    New Orleans Hornet Chris Paul

    Before many of us got to know of Chris Paul, it appears that this guy was strutting around on his high school campus, and girls took notice!!! While Paul still looks the same today, for me its not the same without that mouthpiece hanging out of his mouth. Had he had one in his mouth for this picture, I'd say this photo may have been taken recently.

    Photo From: superbooyah.com
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    Louisiana's Own Britney Spears

    There is so much I could say here!! But all I will say is bangs and a ficus tree just don't mix. It looks like the tree is growing out of the side of her head!!! To think that this little girl once shaved her head, and attacked a van with an umbrella....SMH!!!

    Photo From: superbooyah.com
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    Tiger Woods Still Has That Smile

    In this promo photo, golf great Tiger Woods shows us that he has always had that smile. While we may have not seen as of late, Tiger has always had a really bright smile. While he kept it classy here with his traditional tux, I know what some of you are already saying. YES, Tiger has always had an attraction to the white girls. Nice photo!!

    Photo From: superbooyah.com
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    The "First Lady" At Her Senior Prom

    Where to do we start? First, yes this is Michelle Obama!!! While Michelle looks amazing here, I doubt that she really wanted to sit in a wicker chair for her prom photo. However, I take it that the First Lady wasn't very conservative in high school, girl is showing some leg in the photo, and its not just her calf.