As we rapidly approach the end of the year, we here at HOT 107-9 want to say thank you for making us the HOTTEST radio station in Acadiana. You have all been so kind and so supportive of us throughout the year we want to give something back to you. And what better than cool Christmas gifts?

The "12 Days of Gift-Mas" is now underway on HOT 107-9, and that means you have a chance to win really cool gifts from your favorite radio station in Acadiana. Simply listen for the the cue to call each weekday on Hot 107-9, which you can hear below, and be caller seven when hear the sounder. If you are caller seven when the sounder plays, you will then be able to select one of twelve gifts we have wrapped. You select a number between one and twelve and we will unwrap the gift live on-air and tell you what you won.

Here are just some of the gifts we have wrapped up for you to win. We have tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert with BACK STAGE PASSES, iPads, Tickets to watch the Cajuns in the New Orleans Bowl, Truck-Fit Gear from Lil Wayne, CDs, HOT 107-9 Gear, Wii Games, and more!!

Listen and win going into Christmas, and again thanks for making HOT 107-9 the HOTTEST radio station in Acadiana. Merry Christmas!!!