While I am not too sure as to why you want to see yourself this way, but if you'd like to see what you may look like one day (old, fat, and bald) there is iphone app available for you. The trio of iPhone apps simulates, with frightening realism, the sad, fat, bald old man or woman that we are all destined to become.The apps are called Oldify, Fatify, and Baldify and each app will show you  what you may look like when you get old, fat, and bald respectively. All that is requried of you is to point the camera at yourself and snap app. Then, once you have the picture you like of yourself, simply submit the photo the app and the app does the rest.


The apps can be used alone or they can work in conjunction with each other. Whatever the case may be, with the help of these three apps you may be taking a scary peek into your own future. Here is were I should warn you, you may not like what you see. Then again, this could be used as source of motivation so that you DO NOT become who you may see via the app.

Oldify and Fatify are FREE for now, but the Baldify app will set you back 99-cents. Still, I say that the small fee may be worth it on just the entertainment value you will get of it at the expense of yourself and others.