The Parent Company for Hot 107-9, Townsquare Media, welcomed the Landry's to Gator Cove last Friday night. Like so many of you, we too have seen and admired them on television every Sunday Night. Not only are they entertaining and "real" while fishing gators in the swamps of South Louisiana, they  have also educated us all on not only the Cajun lifestyle, but also on how gators are harvested.  While we always knew that this family seemed to be a close knit family, we never really knew just how good these people are until we met them last Friday night.

There is a saying that, "your first impression is everything." Well if it is true, my first impression of this family early Friday morning at the station was, they are as real in person as you see on television. Not only are they who you think they are when you see them on TV, but they are true Cajuns. They carry with them that welcoming charm, and simply love where the place we all call home. They love our state, and culture, and we were truly blessed to allow them to share their passion for our culture with all of you. Many of you, young and old, waited for hours to meet this genuine family, but I can assure you all, the Landry's were just as excited to meet all of you, just as much as you may have been to meet them. If I took anything from this day, it was that no matter how much exposure or fame you get, you should always stay true to your "roots." Troy Landry has become the face of our beautiful state, yet still he remains a very loyal family man, and simply cherishes every hand shake he may across. I think I speak for all of us at Townsquare Media when I say, it was an honor to be around such a great family last Friday night. Oh, and yes, we too are excited for Season 2 which should air in April of 2011.