After scrolling through my News Feed on Facebook in recent days, I have now found my latest viral pet peeve. I have survived through "planking," "owling," the "Harlem Shake," but the latest Facebook fad has got to go!!!

Have you seen photos like mine, as seen above, in your Facebook News Feed as of late? Its a message written on paper or poster boards, and someone is attempting to find something or someone. I'm not mad at the mission statement, if it's legit, but I am tired of seeing the same photo shared over and over.

So, with that said, I am asking for you to share this blog if you too are tired of these type photos on Facebook. I know what some of you may be saying now, but that's the point. So yes, Share...Share...Share if you agree with my "mission" statement!! Let the world know that you are tired of these type of messages too.

By the way, may I add that I sometimes question such photos because I am in fear of viruses and spam on my computer and Facebook profile. I simply don't know what to trust these days on the Facebook or the internet.