The home of the Minnesota Vikings, the Metrodome, is slowly being demolished. As you can see in the photo it looks like a bomb as gone off in the dome as the roof is now completely deflated.

The Vikings will have a new stadium, on the exact same site, in 2016, but construction on the new stadium cannot begin until the world famous Metrodome is torn down. It appears that all of the seats have been removed from the dome, and that the process of tearing it down is in it's late stage.

The Vikings will play outdoors, at the the University of Minnesota, for the upcoming NFL season while their new dome is being built. The Metrodome was the home for not only the Vikings, but was also once home of the MLB team the Minnesota Twins.

I recall watching many games broadcasted from the historic dome, but my fondest memory of the dome came when FOX cameras captured the dome's roof collapsing during an ice storm in 2010.