We have all been taught to look both ways when crossing a street, but did you know that crossing the street can be most dangerous at a certain time? I was not aware of that either, but a new study out says the most dangerous time to cross the street is at 8:38am!!!Sure we all know the dangers of crossing or running across the street, and in this day and age it seems to have gotten even more dangerous. People are constantly being distracted while driving, whether it's  because of their cell phone or other gadgets, its just flat out dangerous to be in the streets.


But a new study out today suggests that it is MOST dangerous to cross the street at 8:38am...And coming in second, at 6:22pm.

Researchers cite that both of these hours are at the peak of commute time, thus more people are on the roads. And by the roads they mean in their car and on the streets walking. Researchers cite that the dangers of crossing a street rise during peak hours because so many people are on their cell phones, and are not paying attention to their surroundings. Hint, its NOT SAFE to walk across a street with your head down as you text or update your facebook status.

While conducting the study/survey, researchers observed  that nearly 22% of pedestrians were on their phone at 8:38am, while only 9% were on their phone at 6:22pm. Mike Pikard, Head of risk and Underwriting at esure car insurance, said: ‘Smartphones are great for surfing the net or keeping in touch whilst on the go, but pedestrians also need to know when to put them away.He also cited that while we have become more apt to diving into our smartphones while on the move we unintentionally fall into unintentional blindness” or “divided attention” which poses great risks for road safety.

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