Let's admit it, we all have our our simple pleasures while driving. But according to a new survey, the most popular distraction while driving is singing along to the radio.

If you thought talking on the cell phone or texting someone was the number one distraction, you were close. Here are the Top-10 distractions in most vehicles on the road:

1.  Singing out loud . . . 56% of people say they do it

2.  Talking on the phone, 50

3.  Eating, 50%

4.  Reading text messages, 26%

5.  Sending text messages, 20%

6.  Taking photos, 13%

7.  Reading emails, 12%

8.  Sending emails, 9%

9.  Watching TV or a movie, 7%.  Remember, this is WHILE you're driving.

10.  Putting on make-up, 7%

Personally, I have seen all of these happening while on the road ways in Acadiana. But one that was left off the Top -10 list that I have seen on multiple occasion is men shaving!! Yes, guys driving while using a battery operated shaver!!!

Perhaps this explains why there are so many wrecks these days, and why our insurance premiums continue to go up each and every year. Please, drive safely and put down any of these distractions!!!

For the complete list of distractions click HERE