The death of Osama Bin Laden is easily the biggest news of 2011 so far and every day the aftermath of this historic event continues to make headlines. Everything from the argument over whether the pictures of Bin Laden's dead body should be released to the public, to the huge stash of porn that dude had in his Pakistani compound.

This is a guy who eluded the world for nearly a decade in the wake of 9/11, a direct attack on our nation that Bin Laden, the leader of the al-Queda terrorist network took full credit for. Well, wouldn't you know, after all that mess and hatred over a nation that Bin Laden despised it turns out that not only was he a coward, but also a hypocrite. As details on the contents of his Pakistani compound continue to emerge, thanks to the Huffington Post, here is a list of the most surprising finds so far.

1. Weed

It has long been speculated that Bin Laden has been suffering from kidney failure, which would allow him to get medical marijuana in the states but was the weed that was found growing just yards from the compound for recreational use too? That fact will remain a mystery, but allow me to speculate. 'Osama Bin Tokin' ya'll.

2. Porn

Probably the most embarrassing find for the al-Queda network at the Pakistani compound is the "fairly extensive" stash of "modern, electronically recorded" pornography. Think about that one embarrassing thing your friends know about you, that they bring up EVERYTIME there is an argument or discussion on who's better at something. This is that "thing" for Bin Laden and the al-Queda terrorist network. Kudos to the New York Post for already taking the best jab yet.

3. Soft Drinks

I know what you're probably thinking. Soft drinks? What's so surprising about that? Well, Bin Laden supposedly DESPISED America and all of our "Western commercialism" but that didn't stop the hypocrite from indulging in tons of Pepsi & Coca-Cola products. Tell me, what is more American than enjoying an ice-cold Coca-Cola? I can just imagine Bin Laden's eyes lighting up at the sight of one of those Holiday Polar Bear commercials.

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