This past weekend threw something at me that I have never seen or experienced before. I was put into a situation that I had no idea how to handle.While I was DJing in the club this past weekend, a young lady offered me a five dollar tip to play her song towards the end of the night. I told her that I'd try to get to it if time permitted, but could not make a guarantee. She simply put the money down on the DJ Console and walked away. Well as it would be, I run out of time, and could not get to all the request by the end of the night. I'm mixing songs as quickly as possible, yet 2am still caught up to me. With that said, the lights come on and its time for me to thank everyone for coming out, and then prepare to pack-up my gear. As the last song is playing and I am announcing its "last call," the young layd who tipped me comes into the DJ Booth and says, "you didn't play my song." I apologized to her, yet that apparently was NOT good enough for her. She replied, "well I want the tip I gave you back." At first, I was like....Is she serious? Well, her facial expression said it all, and oh yeah, she was SERIOUS. I gave her the money back, and replied REALLY?!?!?! One, we has entertainers never really expect to be tipped for our services, but we occasionally are offered a tip, and we appreciate that some of you recognize what we do. But, to be given a tip and then have it taken away. I still wish I could have gotten to her request, but some things just don't fit the timing. Tonight On-Air for the "Hot Topic Of The Night," I ask you...What has anyone ever taken from you and you were like....REALLY?!?!?!