By now we all know what type bizarre winter the southern region of the United States has had this year, but what would our winter look like if they made a movie about the winter we are having?

Sure, unlike the folks up north, we here are not accustom to dealing with snow and ice. This winter we have seen several ice storms and snow storms sweep across our region, and while the accumulations here may have not have rivaled those up north, we had to deal with some very unfamiliar conditions this winter.

While the amount of snow and ice down south may have been "laughable" to some of our fellow citizens north of us, the conditions at times were a pain in the you know what. We simply are not accustom to ice on the roads down here, much like our northern friends may not be accustom to hurricanes where they live.

There is no doubt that this video was produced by someone who lives north of us. While our wintery conditions may been mild as compared to conditions up north, we can all agree that it is time Spring arrives!!!