The things we used to say in the '80s like 'here's 5 bucks for gas, go ahead and fill it up.' This is a good one, 'I have plane tickets in the smoking section.' Yeah, you could smoke on a plane in the '80s. They quit that for obvious reasons. You have to check out this new show called 'The Goldbergs', it comes on Tuesdays at 8p and its all about the '80s. So set your VCR's or check your TV Guide for more info. LOL! Seriously tho... How many people would be lost with out a remote or using Google Maps or even a GPS? I got an even better one, rotary phones... Ah, those were the worst. We have become a lazy society. I miss dollar shows and drive-in theaters. I miss movies that were original and ALF was the greatest. Not going to lie, I'm so glad someone invented the cell phone and I don't have to search for change to use a pay phone.  I miss the '80s but I can't wait to see what the future holds.