Men can sometimes be lazy and that may explain why such simple chores around the house are greatly appreciated by their significant other. Women say that there are four simple chores men can do at home that they would greatly appreciate.

According to a new survey here are the Top-4 chores men can do around the home if they need to score points with their wife.

  1. Vacuum (Sound pretty easy. I don't mind this because I HATE when I see debris lying around on the floor.)
  2. Empty The Dishwasher (At times I don't want to do this because I dislike having to put away the dishes, but I cannot stand having dirty dishes in the sink. Thus, I often suck it up and unload it to make room.)
  3. Ask For Directions (Our ego often gets in the way when it comes to asking for help, but thanks to the apps on smartphones this weakness may soon be a thing of the past.)
  4. Put The Toilet Seat Down (Come on guys, you know its the right thing to do. Just Do It.)

All things considered, it doesn't seem like ladies expect much from us and maybe it is time we guys do more around than house than just maintain the lawn.